The Band!

Mr Spankey History

Mr Spankey was formed in 2004 when Mark Naylor and Tonto felt the urge to start up a band to have fun and play some damn good music. Guitarist friend Martin Reid was drafted in to play rhythm and Kenny Petrie on lead guitar. The original line up saw Tonto multi tasking, playing the drums aswell as singing lead vocal. Drummer Craig Petican often helped out with certain gigs and the monthly jam nights. In 2009 Kevin Halley was brought in to play drums which allowed Tonto to focus on fronting the band.

Mr Spankey has continued to evolve since the beginning and is gathering a great following of support in the local and venues further afield.

Well hello there everyone!

Just a quick intro to the Band so you know who everyone is and what they do!


On the "Four String Noisy Thing" is Mark Naylor or just simply Mr Naylor.

Rhythm Guitar

Then we come to our "Rhythm Noisy Thing" Martin Reid better known as Mart.


The "Noisy Hitty Wood Things" goes by the name of Freddie Binding or Fast Freddie.

Lead Guitar

The “Lead Noisy Thing" Mr Kenneth Petrie or as we know him, The Reverend - because he looks like one.....

Front Man

Lastly, myself Mark Carroll I'm the "Noisy Shouty Thing" I'm also known to my friends as Tont or, just….. Spankey.

I could not go without telling you about The Drummer you've all been hearing His name is Kevin TheComet Halley or Kiev, who's just left the Band after an amazing 10 years with us.

I also have to mention a couple of brilliant Musicians who "fill in the gaps" on a regular basis. They are Mr Justin Halley, who covers for Kenny and Mart, and Mr Glen Buck on the pots and pans.

So there you have it Spankers and Thrusters (You'll all have to choose which one of those you are!) The Band admin is run by Mr Naylor and myself, so if any of you have any questions etc, feel free to PM either of us and we'll try to get back to you as fast as possible.

Thank You's

Just a few mentions of people that have helped Spankey out over the past few years!
Much appreciated!

Dave Ball


Telecaster Ted


Tom Ambrose


Craig Petican

Drummer - 'The Established'

Kris Spurling

All round musical Guru - Mainly Keys / Mouth Organ